The Best Fashion Shows To Visit


As far as shows are concerned there is nothing that beat the Chanel. Hosted in autumn on a nine-meter high, 240 tones real iceberg. You never know what to expect from the Chanel every time, from the performance of the band, and the catwalk it is true to say that nothing tops the Chanel. What makes it so extravagant is that the audience does not know what to expect before the event starts.


PradaRegardless of the fact that most people believe that getting the ticket to the royal wedding is the hardest thing to do, then they have not tried getting one for the Prada. This Event is usually hosted in Milan headquarter and is one of the top events on the fashion calendar. Mrs. Prada has done some of the most breathtaking clothing in the last two seasons. No wonder she is considered the most innovative designer of all time because whatever Miuccia Prada touches turns to gold in the fashion industry.

Isabel Marant Catwalk

In the previous year’s Isabel Marant catwalk has been nothing but a joke regardless of the efforts that she had employed. In the recent time, this catwalk has been the exact opposite of what was witnessed in the past. It is true to mention that there is no designer in this time and age who would not want to witness the moment.

Marant has this style and attitude in her design that any girl would want to be associated with this was witnessed in this seasons event when she exploded with her studded rock-chick bot and rockabilly-style red jeans that are sure to dominate the fashion world for some time to come.

Burberry Prorsum

Burberry-ProrsumThis British brand has been there for a while and is not going anywhere under the directorship of Christopher Bailey. The event that has for some time been hosted in Milan, last year made it back to London when they were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the London fashion week. It has some of the talks about the front row seat and the ability to showcase live is one of the reasons as to why this event is among the best. Bailey is the reason as to why there is this frenzy for the aviator jacket.

Dolce and Gabbana

This is one event that always attracts some of the star-studded artists in their front rows. The event is usually hosted in a nightclub studio in cavernous. The reason for this is because when you are this event you will not only see some of the famous Hollywood models but also sit opposite them as they dim the light. the last event witnessed around 70 to models taking the runway in what was considered by all the fashion experts as one of the best shows in the designers 25 years’ fashion world. One thing to note about Dolce and Gabbana is that they have pre-shows of the event in Milan.