Should Dogs Be Restrained In Cars

Pet lovers bring their dogs everywhere, be it hiking, or holidays. There are even plenty of dog-friendly cafés and stores in most towns. A road trip with these canine-co-pilots is always fantastic with nose prints on the windows. Now that its clear most people love going for a road trip with their dogs, should the dogs be restrained in cars? Here is a look at whether dogs should be restrained.

Do Dogs Need Restraining?

Yes, if not properly restrained, pets can be very dangerous. They can be a distraction and a risk to others, as well as themselves. Dogs can be a distraction by climbing between seats and trying to get your lap. Also, a clash only needs a few seconds of distraction as you check on your dog or try to reach it for a pat.

Importance of Dog Restraining


Restraining the dog and keeping it at the back of the car can significantly reduce these potential distractions. Additionally, when accidents happen, the unrestrained dogs might injure anyone in the vehicle due to the high momentum that throws them around the car.

Lastly, after a crash, unrestrained dogs may be aggressive or scared. Keeping them well restrained ensures that you can safely access, handle and help them more easily.

Dog Restriction Laws

When it comes to driving with dogs, there are a handful of laws that apply to try and prevent the potential accidents of unrestrained pets. In the UK, drivers caught driving with unrestrained dogs face a fine of five thousand euros as well as a possible leap in insurance payments.

Little dog

More so if you get involved in an accident while your pet was not properly restrained, you might not receive compensation. Though most of the states in the US do not have such strict roles against driving with the unrestrained dog, laws in some states are similar to the regulations of the UK. You can look out for an informative post on specific rules in the different states.


It is absolutely clear that dogs should be restrained owing to the dangers and distractions they might cause when unrestrained. Some of the ways you can use to restrain your dog include a seat belt harness, dog cage, pet carrier or dog guard.