How Do You Cool Down An Outdoor Party?

Outdoor party, especially during the summer, need a bit of attention and time to keep the guests comfortable and relaxed. We love a good cookout party, but we are not very fond of how hot it can get out there.

Here is an exclusive look at how you can cool down an outdoor party and make the celebration a success.

Provide Sunscreen And Bug Spray


Sunny outdoor parties require protection from the harmful elements of sun rays. Be a fantastic and accommodation host by providing the guests with sufficient sunscreens. Have sunscreens of various types such as sprays, and lotions for use by adults and children. More so, get bug spray to prevent guests from the irritating bites drawn by unwanted outdoor pests and bugs.

Create and Utilize Shade

The seat soaked in the shade is one of the most coveted places at an outdoor party. Providing plenty of shade covered areas for your guest to relax in will help keep the party fresh from the summer heat.

You can place seats under large trees or other shady areas around your home. You can also use rental tents, shade sails, canopies and umbrellas to add shade in your outdoor party.


Misters are relatively affordable and offer an enjoyable cooling mist. A water misting system can be attached to any faucet or garden hose and is useful in gradually reducing the high temperatures in an outdoor party. This is quite impressive for such an inexpensive solution

Offer Plenty of Cold Drinks and Treats


Sitting in the hot outdoor sun causes dehydration. Nothing will keep the guests hydrated like cold drinks and refreshments. Fresh fruits such as frozen melon balls and grapes, crisp vegetables and others are perfect treats for mulching as the party unfolds.

Staying Far from The Fire Pit and Grill

Lighting a fire during the party is a part of the ambience of the outdoor party. However, you will need to keep the guests cool by setting the fire away from them.


These tips will keep you prepared for your next outdoor party. Now, you should get ready to be on the list as the hostess of the year.